Intel, McDonalds and DHL invest here, why don´t you?
Did you now there are a huge Intel installation at Costa Rica ?.  and 50 McDonalds restaurants ?, and the main office of DHL in CentralAmerica ? That enterprises and a lot more ivest in Costa Rica, why dont you ?

Costa Rica , the Small Swiss of América
Costa Rica has certain conditions that give tranquillity to live or to invest:
- Exceptional Political Neutrality in Central America
- Demonstrated with facts : the army abolished from 1948 and not neccesary
- Few racial tensions
- Low level of violence and criminality in the Latin American context
- The climate, the standard of life, the language (by the tourism), good sanitary system

Chris Howardm, North American resident here, summarize thus why he creates who their compatriots reside in Costa Rica: as warm as Mexico but without anti-americanismo of that, as beautiful as Guatemala but without the great military presence, sofisticated as Brazil, but without as much poverty, so sunny that Hawaii and Florida but with less people.
The foreigners can be welcomed in "law 48-12" or "Law of Pensioners" , it facilitates the residence in the country to foreigners with income generated outside Costa Rica, in three categories: pensioned resident, pensioner renter, and investor, allowing a long term residence with such right of the Costa Ricans, except for the vote, but maintaining the other nationality.

Source: Article of Investigation: "A place in the Sun:inmigration towards Costa Rica", by Dolores Puga of the Institute of Economy and Geography, Madrid, Spain. 

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